SIUC Faculty Association Considers Latest Administration Offer

Nov 8, 2011

The SIUC Faculty Association bargaining team is considering the administration's latest offer in an effort to end a 5-day old strike.
Faculty Association spokesman Dave Johnson says the package of proposals they received a little after 5pm Monday does cover all of the issues in dispute and it will be given serious consideration. But, he says there still remain large differences between the two sides, especially involving accountability and transparency.

Johnson also says the Faculty Association is extremely disappointed that they have broken off negotiations for the evening. Johnson says that means the strike will continue at least one more day. Johnson says the mediator indicated the administration wanted to brake for the rest of the evening and return to negotiations at 9:30am Tuesday. He says the Faculty Association is confident the strike will end and faculty will return to the classroom but not before they receive what the Faculty Association refers to as a "fair deal."

In a written release Monday night, SIUC Chancellor Rita Cheng said the administration's proposal addresses the majority of faculty concerns that she says she believes the faculty will wish to approve. Cheng has posted the administration's latest proposal to the Faculty Association on the Chancellor's webpage. Some of the particulars include no furlough days for fiscal year 2012, a total pay increase of 4% over the life of the contract as well as provisions for additional pay raises tied to increases in the university's state appropriation and income fund. It also provides specific provisions and safeguards involving reductions in force.

Cheng says the Board's bargaining team is ready to return to negotiations Tuesday morning or sooner if the Faculty Association is ready to finalize an agreement and bring closure to the strike.