SIU Trustees Hear Updates on COVID-19 Response, Planning

Apr 30, 2020

SIU Trustees and administrators say they're doing the best they can to respond to COVID-19's effects on the university, as well as plan for numerous future scenarios.

In a virtual board meeting Thursday, SIU President Dan Mahony highlighted the dozens of ways SIU students, faculty, and staff are making an impact - from scientists studying the disease to researchers providing necessary components for testing, to units using 3-D printers to make additional PPE and more. Mahony says that kind of collaborative effort needs to continue, on campuses and across the system.

"We want to make sure that no one group or one area misses out on one good idea from another, simply because we're not communicating effectively. Second thing, we want to make sure that there's not an issue or scenario that we're not exploring on both campuses, but should."

Mahony is setting up a task force to help address these issues and more. SIU Carbondale is offering online-only classes through the summer 2020 semester, while SIU Edwardsville is leaving the possibility open for in-person classes during late summer classes. Mahony says all scenarios remain on the table for the fall.

COVID-19 is impacting budgets across the country, and SIU is no different. Leaders say they're doing the best they can with financial forecasts, and holding the line on spending. For now, SIU's budget remains unclear because it is waiting on the state legislature to pass a budget, and for enrollment numbers to be more clear.