SIU Trustees Hear Nursing Program Discussion

Feb 13, 2019

A proposal for a new nursing program at SIU Carbondale illustrated continued friction within the system Wednesday.

During the Board of Trustees' working session, Southern Illinois Healthcare CEO Rex Budde implored the panel to move the plan forward.
"There is such a lack of nurses in the United States, and a lack of development of nurses in the United States, that this is only going to be a win for all of us."
SIH has offered $750,000 to help fund the Carbondale program. But SIU Edwardsville already operates a nursing program at SIUC. SIUE Provost Denise Cobb says better collaboration is key to its success.
"We know when there are things that haven't gone well, and we've tried to adjust for those. But the lack of real partnership between our institutions on this front really harms students, ultimately."
Interim SIUC Chancellor John Dunn says the campus wants a chance to run a program on its own. He says it's not about competition, but rather meeting a need.
"What we don't want to do, is violate our trust and relationship with Edwardsville. And I'm troubled that that seems to be morphing out, more and more."
The proposal currently sits on Interim President Kevin Dorsey's desk. He says another meeting between stakeholders is planned for later this month in an effort to find common ground.

Meanwhile SIUC leaders say a private foundation has pledged $1.2 million for the program, in addition to the SIH money.