SIU Trustees to Consider Housing, Tuition & Fees, and More

Dec 7, 2016

Housing will be a big topic of discussion for SIU Trustees as they meet in Carbondale this week.

Carbondale campus leaders will present a plan to replace the aging Towers housing area, and replace it with newer units for students.

Interim SIUC Chancellor Brad Colwell
Credit SIU

Interim SIUC Chancellor Brad Colwell says prospective students are choosing other schools because of the Towers.
"Things such as residential space are very high on their list, so we just have to do better. But more importantly, it's a fiscal issue. We're pouring more money than one would have hoped into aging infrastructures."
The project would bring down the aging housing units and replace them in phases. Colwell says it would affect enrollment in a positive way - and could also help with maintenance costs and other issues.

Trustees will also begin consideration of tuition and fee proposals this week. Colwell says he will not recommend an increase in fees.

"We're higher than we should be. We just are. And I've made that promise for two years now, and I'll hold to it again."

He says tuition for new students next fall may go up. But it remains to be seen just how much. Colwell says while cost comparisons are priorities for prospective students - it's important to compare similar schools.
"Our classification of peers is the University of Illinois, Illinois State, Northern, and University of Illinois at Chicago - all publics. When you look at those five institutions, ours included, we - even with an increase - will have the lowest tuition and fees in the state of Illinois."

No action will be taken on any tuition or fee proposals this week. Trustees could decide to change alcohol policies on campus, as well as several other issues.