SIU Trustees Begin Consideration of Tuition/Fee Freeze

Feb 12, 2020

SIU Trustees got a look at plans to hold the line on tuition and fees system-wide Wednesday.

No discussion followed Board Chair Phil Gilbert's introduction of the proposal. He says he's talked with Vice Chair Ed Hightower, along with campus administrators and others, and all agree freezing tuition and fees will help address costs for students and their families.

The plan means incoming students in Carbondale will pay $321.50 per credit hour, amounting to roughly $9,600 per year if the student takes 15 credit hours per semester. Fees for all students will be held the same, as well - at $117 per credit hour, totaling $3,510 for a year.

Incoming students in Edwardsville will pay this year's rates, as well. That means their tuition will be $304 per hour - totaling $9,123 per year, and fees will be $103 per hour - totaling nearly $3,100 per year.

Trustee Subhash Sharma, a retired SIUC professor, says he's still in favor of lowering tuition and fees for students. He says that would drive enrollment up, covering the loss in revenue for the campuses.

Trustees will vote on the proposal during their meeting Thursday in Edwardsville.