SIU Trustees Approve Tuition Hike

Apr 17, 2015

SIU Trustees have approved a five-percent tuition increase for incoming freshmen and transfer students next year.

The bump is one percent less than administrators had recommended, but trustees call this a "break even" solution that holds the line on costs for students.

Board Chair Randal Thomas says the state's "Truth in Tuition" law ties the hands of universities somewhat, when it comes to raising funds. That law holds tuition flat each year for students once they enter school, for four years.
"And in fact, the law requires that that student be given that same rate - if they stay over - for five years. And we went at a zero-percent tuition increase last year. So you're talking about six years that we have dedicated a handicap for moving forward."
The increase for graduate students will be six percent. Trustees also approved a bump in the facilities maintenance fee for all students.

Students will see a jump in the price of health insurance next year as well, as the university is moving from a self-insured program to a private health insurance plan. Students who spoke at Thursday's meeting say they're pleased with the new plan - even if it means higher costs. Students who have coverage through their families or other plans can opt out of the health insurance fee.