SIU Students Showcase Ideas Worth Sharing With First TEDxSIUC Talk

Jan 23, 2020

TEDxSIUC stage at the Student Center in Ballroom B on January 23, 2020.
Credit Amelia Blakely

Southern Illinois University Carbondale is slated to have it's first TEDx talk on January 25 in the Student Center.

The event's theme is the power of change.

Organizer Danny Vega says organizing the event has been a rollercoaster as he's the first to apply for an event license neccessary to organize the conference. But through the process, Vega says he's learned skills he would not have the opportunity to learn otherwise.

Vega organized the event with the help of the TEDx Committee, which is primarily made up of students and the Office of Student Engagement.

Vega says the university has donated thousands of dollars in equipment for the event, and TEDxSIUC wouldn't be possible without SIU's support.

For more information about the event's speakers online.