SIU Saluki Transfer Day Introduces Community College Students To SIU

Feb 24, 2020

SIU kicked off its inaugural Saluki Transfer Day with about 100 transfer students registered for the event.

SIU Day is designed to give high school students a personalized introduction to SIU and all it has to offer, but organizers say this expansion is specifically targeting potential transfer students from the area's community colleges.

The university retooled the event to focus on community college students considering transferring to a four-year university.

A student resource fair, breakout sessions on financial aid, advisement, scholarships and campus tours are all included.

“SIU is very transfer friendly.”

SIU Saluki Transfer Day Student Resource Fair
Credit Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

Transfer Relations Assistant Director Josi Rawls says Saluki Transfer Day lets prospective transfer students explore all the resources at the SIU Carbondale campus.

Rawls says SIU’s team of transfer coordinators adds a personalized touch by keeping constant communication with prospective transfers to help them navigate through the admissions process.

“Transfer students are becoming an increasingly bigger portion of our incoming class every year, so transfer student population is one that we want to spend a little bit more attention on.”

SIU Saluki Transfer Day Breakout Session on Financial Aid
Credit Benjy Jeffords / WSIU

That attention helped Katie Wagner decide to pursue her Radiology Degree at SIU instead of the University of Central Missouri.  She completed her associate degree at John Wood Community College in her hometown of Quincy.

“There’s been, like, way more communication here, the tour was more explained here, it’s just more at home here.”

All the prospective transfer students will have their application fees waived until fall of 2022.