SIU President Welcomes Budget Deal

Jul 7, 2017

SIU's President says now that Illinois has a budget, SIUC will no longer have to borrow from SIUE.

Randy Dunn says for FY17, which just ended, the system will receive 93-million, 558-thousand dollars for general operations. Combined with the 106-million dollars received at the beginning of the fiscal year, SIU's total FY17 appropriation level is even with the FY15 adjusted appropriation of 199.5-million dollars. The 2017 fiscal budget also contained 68-thousand, 400 dollars for the Daily Egyptian at SIUC.

As for FY18, which started on July 1st, SIU is slated to receive almost 179-million dollars. Dunn says that's a ten percent reduction from the FY15 adjusted level.

The FY18 budget also includes 61-thousand-600 for the DE and 27-thousand dollars for scholarships. MAP grants were fully funded for both FY17 and 18.

While the funding is welcomed greatly, Dunn says since FY15, SIU has received almost 163 million dollars less than it would have under normal funding. So, tough decisions must still be made. SIUC's Financial Stability Plan will be presented at next week's Board of Trustees meeting.