SIU Men's Basketball Set to Return to Game Action

Jan 21, 2021

The SIU men's basketball team is set to return to game action on Monday at Indiana State after what will amount to a 3-week layoff due to COVID-19.

Head Coach Bryan Mullins says the team did its best to stay connected.

"We had some zooms with the guys. Also, we had some guys not in quarantine. So, they were able to do some individual workouts, get in the gym, shoot by themselves and stuff like that."

Mullins says the pause and getting games rescheduled means the Salukis will be very busy over the next several weeks.

"These next 5-6 weeks, I think we play 10 games in the month of February. We're going to have a stretch where we play 8 games in 2 1/2 weeks or so. It's going to be coming fast after this stretch."

SIU resumes Monday trying to break a 3-game losing streak after a 7-0 start.

The Salukis updated schedule is here.