SIU Leaders Update IL House Committee on Financial Needs

Mar 28, 2019

As Illinois lawmakers begin work on a state budget for next year, SIU leaders are hopeful a spirit of greater cooperation and synergy will lead to a boost in funding.

SIU Administrators testify before the Illinois House Higher Education - Appropriations Committee
Credit Jennifer Fuller/WSIU

At a hearing before the House Higher Education- Appropriations Committee Thursday, Interim SIUC Chancellor John Dunn told lawmakers the SIU System is working to boost all campuses, and he say recruitment is a top priority.
"We need not be afraid to compete with anyone, anywhere, at any time - in the world or in the United States. We can do better, both in terms of the international market and the national market."
Lawmakers are weighing wish lists from all state universities as they craft a spending plan for next year. Dunn told lawmakers the SIU campuses are working to increase collaboration after a tumultuous year.
"You know, I think with the synergy, cooperation, the support, we've been able to work through some necessary

SIU's overall request was about 15% more than last year, but administrators say they're paring that down to closer align with Governor J.B. Pritzker's call for a 5% bump in higher education spending.

The General Assembly's spring session is scheduled to end in two months.