SIU Leaders Hear Preliminary Information on Tuition, Fees for 2021/2022

Feb 11, 2021

SIU leaders say the intend to hold the line on tuition and fees in the coming academic year.

At their regular board meeting Thursday, trustees heard from leadership in Carbondale and Edwardsville, along with the School of Medicine in Springfield.

All said they hope to keep tuition and fees flat for incoming students - though they're leaving options open until it's more clear what the state budget will look like.

System President Dan Mahony says COVID-19 has made long-range planning difficult.

"That continues to be very challenging, given the enormous amount of uncertainty that exists. I keep saying it, but there's never been more uncertainty in higher education, in what to expect, and that makes it challenging."

SIUC Chancellor Austin Lane says COVID-19 has hit many students and their families hard, and he wants the university to help wherever it can.

"Recognizing the economic challenges that our students and families are facing as a result of the pandemic has strengthened our resolve to hold the line on the cost of attendance. Having said that, we must stay focused on growing our enrollment and continuing to look for ways to operate more efficiently."

System leaders say they remain hopeful the state will keep the funding for next year's higher education budget flat, rather than cut.

Governor JB Pritzker is expected to deliver his budget proposal to lawmakers next week.