SIU Edwardsville Faculty Demand Funding Allocation Revisions

Feb 13, 2020


Some faculty at SIU Edwardsville say they want the system's leadership to rethink its funding formula - and give more money to the Metro East campus.

During public comment Wednesday, faculty members told trustees during their working session about staffing shortages, program cuts, and other issues they say are barriers to SIUE's continued success.

Faculty Association President Mark Poepsel says the campus is tired of "doing more with less."

"Should we be more efficient, really, if we're going to toss this money into a savings account that the (SIU) system can draw on whenever it's convenient? It sometimes feels as though we work for the students of the Metro East some, and then do another portion of our jobs to support our sister school."

Trustees approved a plan last year that would split new state money 50/50 between Edwardsville and Carbondale. But Poepsel and other say given enrollment trends and other factors, 100% of all new state money should go to SIUE.

The SIU system is in the middle of a three-year funding allocation review. Trustees say they hope a new formula can be put in place when that is complete.