SIU-C Law School Holds Reproductive Rights Discussion

Oct 24, 2019

A panel on reproductive rights invited community members and students to discuss an issue that's often the subject of contentious debate. 

Patricia Pfeiffer, president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice, said she hoped people who attended gained a broader understanding of what reproductive justice entails.

"Most people tend to think of it as something to do with contraception and access to abortion, but it's actually much broader than that," Pfeiffer said. "It has a lot to do with how people parent, when they parent, and what their rights are in that regard." 

Panelist Kristen Brewer, a graduate student in public health, agreed that the conversation is much broader than access to abortion, which is often the main focus of reproductive rights discussions.

"There's a lot of different other areas," she said. "Like access to reproductive technologies."

The panel included experts in law, health, and midwifery. Other topics the panel spoke on included access for marginalized communities, forced sterilization and the right to have children, and the roles that men and non-binary individuals play in the reproductive justice movement.

Pfieffer said she hoped that people would make people think about an often polarizing issue in ways that go beyond the typical talking points often heard in politics and media.