SIU Begins Tution/Fee Discussion

Dec 10, 2015

Southern Illinois University leaders have begun work on next year's tuition and fee rates.

During their work session in Carbondale Wednesday, trustees began consideration of the costs for the 2016-2017 academic year.

SIU Carbondale plans to ask incoming students to pay 3% more in tuition - about $246 more per semester for a full-time student - but no hike in fees. Interim Chancellor Brad Colwell says it just wasn't the right time to ask for more in fees.
"No services are going to be shut down. We're going to continue to offer the full plate of services that we do. So there will be no cuts."
Edwardsville's campus plans to request a 7% increase in tuition, and a three percent bump in fees.

Administrators say it's very difficult to plan for income needs, given there is still no state budget. They say they hope to know more when the Board votes on the matter, likely in March.