SIU Alumni Association Awards Over $26,000 In Scholarships For Fall 2020

Jun 11, 2020

Almost 2 dozen high school seniors were awarded scholarships to SIU for the fall semester.

The SIU Alumni Association awarded 22 scholarships to seniors committed to attend SIU in the fall of 2020.

Over $26,000 was distributed from alumni chapters and endowments administered through the Alumni Association in Illinois and Missouri.

SIU Alumni Association Director of College and Student Relations Michelle Rust says every member helps contribute to these scholarships.

"Some of the money comes from being raised and donated, but some of the money comes does come from membership dues, so those alumni who are members of the association, some of their money is going to towards these scholarships as well."

The scholarships are open for any student and not limited to incoming or new students, and are based on merit and financial need.

For WSIU I'm Benjy Jeffords.