SIH, Regional Health Providers Navigate Complicated Vaccine Distribution

Dec 21, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine arrives at SIH distribution facility
Credit SIH

As more doses of COVID-19 become available, more people are being added to the groups eligible to receive the shot. 

SIH Chief Medical Officer Doctor Marci Moore Connelley says there are a of moving parts when it comes to the distribution of COVID-19 vaccine.

She says last week, the organization reached out to providers and staff to see how many of the 44-hundred eligible would actually want the shot.

Moore Connelley says that number changed as more information came out.

"People really didn't have all the information they needed to make that decision until it had been approved and was getting delivered to be administered. So, I think a lot of people were on the fence, and some of those on the fence decided to go ahead and say yes. I think we're going to see a lot more of that as the days and weeks go on."

Moore Connelley says the addition of Moderna's COVID vaccine means more people will be eligible, and SIH is working with area health departments to make sure front-line workers are first in line for the shots, followed by people in high risk groups and essential workers.

Moore Connelley says there was an added urgency to administer last week's doses because of Pfizer's ultra-cold storage requirement. In the future, she thinks that urgency will be mitigated by direct shipping and the availability of other vaccines that don't require the same storage.