Shots Fired Near SIUC Campus, Police Seeking Information

Apr 15, 2021

Carbondale Police are working with SIU's Department of Public Safety after shots were fired near campus Wednesday night.

Police say they were called to reports of shots fired just after 8:30, along Oakland Avenue between Schwartz and College. An abandoned vehicle was found a short time later on campus - with gunshot damage.

Two people - both described as black males - were seen getting out of that car and into another - a message from campus police said the two fled into Thompson Woods and got into the other car, exiting campus northbound on Highway 51.

Investigators say they recovered two handguns along Oakland Avenue, and say the incident involved people in two different cars shooting at each other. No one was injured.

Police say they're looking for anyone who has information - or perhaps surveillance video. You can call 457-3200 or 549-COPS.