Shimkus Taking Wait-And-See Approach on Tariffs, Gun Control

Mar 6, 2018

Illinois Congressman John Shimkus says President Trump’s plan to put a tariff on steel and aluminum imports could have widespread effects.

The Collinsville Republican says the President’s plan to put a higher tax on imported steel and aluminum may help steel plants along the Mississippi River – but Shimkus also worries it could touch off a trade war that’ll affect farmers in his district. "I think this is going to show us whether we are the market that everybody wants. We should be negotiating harder because everyone wants this market." Shimkus says he’s carefully watching international trade implications of the steel and aluminum tariff. He says farmers already struggle to make ends meet, and he wants to make sure they’re protected. GUN CONTROL
Meanwhile, when it comes to potential new gun rules, Shimkus says there are some options on the table, but he wants to see actual legislation before he comments on the numerous ideas floating around.
"I will not be in the middle of this debate as legislation gets crafted, because I'm not on the committees of jurisdiction. I'll just watch and see how things move, and then I'll represent my district and cast a vote. I'm not sure what will come out of all this."
Shimkus says he wants to make sure schools can beef up their security - particularly districts with older buildings that must be upgraded, and he wants to make sure current laws are being followed to keep people safe.