Shawnee School District Building a Veteran's Memorial Wall

Jan 17, 2019

Granite slabs were delivered to the Shawnee School District this week for the building of veteran's memorial wall on the school campus in Wolf Lake.

Superintendent Shelly Clover-Hill says the idea came from students in 2014.

"It started with a group of, a teacher and a group of students from civics class. And so, they try to do civics minded projects and so this was one of the ideas. Of course it turned in to, you know, a major undertaking just because of the fundraising and the amount of time it took to collect names. We had our students visiting graveyards, and writing down names and making sure we didn't miss anyone."

Clover-Hill says the concrete base of the wall has been poured for a couple of months, but the wall itself will be erected this spring.

The memorial is for all veterans with any kind of connection to the Shawnee school district, even if they did not attend the school themselves. Clover-Hill says they will keep collecting names and make the additions once a year.