Senator Terri Bryant Reacts To The Signing Of The Criminal Justice Reform Bill

Feb 22, 2021

Governor JB Pritzker signed the Criminal Justice and Police reform Bill Monday, but some local lawmakers are still opposed to it.

House Bill 3653 brings a lot of changes to Illinois including no cash bail, body camera requirements training and use of force.

State Senator Terri Bryant, who is a critic of the legislation and led the opposition to it while she was still in the house, says the bill contains 99 articles spread over more than 700 pages.

“The legislature decided to do it in lame duck so the only option I have is to sign it or not, and so there is an option he could veto this bill and we could in the next couple of months between now and the end of May we could actually run something that is legitimate, run something that does have reforms that are workable.”

Bryant says the bill will change more than 80 laws in Illinois and put more financial burdens on smaller police departments.