Senator Paul Schimpf's Starts His Second Session In The 101st General Assembly

Jan 9, 2019

On Wednesday the 101st Illinois General Assembly was sworn in.

Senator Paul Schimpf is starting his second session of the General Assembly.

When he first took office in 2017, Schimpf saw his party go from super minority to minority and now back to super minority after the last election.

Schimpf says the only difference for him is the Governor changed from Republican to Democrat.

“In the next session, I don’t know exactly what Governor Pritzker and the democratic leaders are going to put forward.”

Schimp says he has a track record being be able to work with democrats by successfully getting some bills passed.

“I picked items that I felt like had a chance of bipartisan success, that everybody could support from across the political spectrum.”

Over the next session Schimpf says he’ll continue his success by being willing to listen and also understand that heated political differences should not make political enemies because of different opinions.

“I’m going to keep the promises that I’ve made to people, I’m going to be a vote to have a strong second amendment, I’m going to vote for limited government, I’m also going to try to keep taxes low.”