SEMO President Apologizes for Drinking Out of Beer Bong at SIU-C Tailgate

Sep 25, 2018

The president of Southeast Missouri State University is apologizing after he was captured on video drinking from a beer bong at a tailgate party in Carbondale.

The Southeast Missourian reports president Carlos Vargas said in an email that it was a ``poor decision'' to accept the drink before Southeast Missouri State's September 15 football game at SIU-Carbondale. Video of students cheering and filming as he chugged from the funnel was posted to Twitter .

Beer bongs are normally associated with excessive or binge drinking, which Vargas says he doesn't condone. He says he's ``not proud of'' his actions and described what he did as ``not flattering.''

Board of Regents president Donald LaFerla said in a statement that what happened was a ``lapse in judgment'' but that it doesn't define Vargas.