SEIU Healthcare Illinois Endorses Candidates in Southern Illinois Legislative Races

Aug 18, 2016

A union of healthcare, child care, home care and nursing home workers is endorsing democratic candidates in five southern Illinois legislative races.

In the Illinois House, SEIU Healthcare Illinois is endorsing Marsha Griffin in the 115th district, John Bradley in the 117th and Brandon Phelps in the 118th. In the Senate, the union is backing Gary Forby in the 59th district and Sheila Simon in the 58th.

Union spokesman James Muhammad says the endorsements are for democratic candidates because they stand for the union's values.
"Values such as caring for the most vulnerable in our communities, like senior citizens, children, people with disabilities. So, those are the kinds of people we choose to back and they just happen to be democrats."

Muhammad says the November election is a chance for Illinois to get back on track with its priorities.
"What are the values of the state? If the state is on a track that shows that it does not care about people who can't care for themselves in wheelchairs, or whatever disability, if the state does not care that children now may be left at home without adequate care because the parent has to work and there is no child care available or not affordable."

Muhammad says the union's leadership recommends candidates to the member-led executive board, which then shares its input about which candidates to endorse.