Route 3 South of Route 146 is Open

Jul 29, 2019

The Illinois Department of Transportation says Route 3 south of Route 146 to Gale re-opened during the noon hour on Monday.

This comes after I-DOT re-opened Route 3 near McClure and Route 146 to East Cape Girardeau on Friday.
This stretch of highway had been closed for over a month due to high water.

A flooded truck near the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in East Cape Girardeau.
Credit Brad Palmer, WSIU Radio

There is more good news related to the 2019 flood, the Mississippi River at Thebes fell below flood stage Saturday for the first time in 137 days.

Flooding on the Mississippi River at Cape Girardeau is forecast to end later this week. The last day there wasn't a river flood warning in effect in the Paducah National Weather Service area was December 18.