Road Closures and Flood Information (Updated 5/9/2017)

May 4, 2017

Updated Road Closure List:

IDOT District 8:
Chester River Bridge (Anticipated closure due to Perryville, MO flood gate closures)
Brussels Ferry
IL 3 south of Chester
IL 100 west of IL 3 to IL 16
IL 3 truck bypass in Chester
Kaskaskia Street in Chester
IL 155 in Prairie DuRocher
US 50 at Silver Creek

Franklin County:
*Disaster Resource Center Open in West Frankfort

Valier Lake Road - East of 148 (Wash out)
Andy's Road near 15th Street
Yellowbanks Road at Big Muddy Bridge
Horseshoe Rd / Freeman Spur Rd
Franklin Ave off Orient Road
Rome Road

Jackson County:
*Sand bag facility open at Curwood Plant on North 19th Street in Murphysboro for anyone in need of flood protection equipment.

Big Muddy River closed to all boats
Beaucoup Rd (Vergennes)
Bethel Rd (Vergennes)
Big Lake Rd (Jacob)
Blacklock Rd (Vergennes)
Carbon Lake Rd (Murphysboro)
Crane Rd (DeSoto)
Crow Rd (Vergennes)
Davis Rd (Vergennes)
Dillinger Rd (Carbondale)
Dogwood Rd (Carbondale)
E Cemetery Rd (Grand Tower)
E Jacob Rd (Jacob)
Elliott Rd (Grand Tower)
Finney Rd (Vergennes)
Fox Rd (DeSoto)
Gale Rd (Vergennes)
Glendale School Rd
Glenn Rd (Carbondale)
Hickory Ridge Rd (Pomona)
Highway 3 - Cora Flood Gates
Indian Ridge Rd (Jacob)
Iron Bridge Rd (Jacob)
Jones Ridge Rd (Rockwood)
Kimmel Bridge Rd (Murphysboro)
Kings Ferry Rd (Grand Tower)
Little Lake Rd (Jacob)
Lovers Ln (Gorham)
Maes Rd (Murphysboro)
Main Rd - Oraville
McLaughlin Rd (Murphysboro)
Muntz Rd (Grand Tower)
N Mudline Rd (Vergennes)
N Yates Rd (Elkville)
Oak St Ext (DeSoto)
Odd Fellow Rd (Jacob)
Old Hwy 13 – East of Giant City Rd (Carbondale)
Raddle Rd (Jacob-Rattle)
Rattle Snake Ferry Rd (Grand Tower)
Reed Station Rd (DeSoto)
Saupe Rd (Murphysboro)
Schlager Rd (Elkville)
Schomaker Dr (Murphysboro)
Smoke Rd (Rockwood)
Spillway Rd (Gorham)
Steele Rd (Vergennes)
Swan Pond (Jacob)
Town Creek Rd (Murphysboro)
Township Line Rd (DeSoto)
Truax Traer Rd (Vergennes)
Vaughn Rd (DeSoto)
W Clayton Rd (Carbondale)
W Lake Rd (Murphysboro)
White Ln (Gorham)
Winthrop Rd (Elkville)
Wood Rd (Murphysboro)

Highway 149 between Murphysboro and Desoto has water on westbound lanes, but the road is open

Perry County:
Davisville Rd
Kimmel Rd
Swan Wick to Rice
DuQuoin City Lake Spillway
Park Street
Wolverine (Washed Out)
Crocus (Washed Out)
Thompson and City Lake
Red Squirrel
Brushy Creek
Union School
Lazy W

Williamson County:
*Red Cross Shelter – St. Joseph Catholic Church (600 N Russell, Marion)

Chittyville Road
Cundiff Cemetery Road
Friendship Road
Goswell Road to Hurst Sewer Lagoon
Lockeyville Road
Meridian Road
North Bend Road
Packerd Lane
Saline River Road
Stiritz Road

Jefferson County:
Hall Lane between Woodlawn and Waltonville