Representative Terri Bryant 's Hopeful For Bipartisanship In The 101st G.A.

Jan 7, 2019

The end of the Illinois 1ooth General Assembly is this week, when the 101st starts Republicans will be in the super minority.

With the 101st General Assembly getting ready to start Representative Terri Bryant is hopeful both sides of the isle can work together.

“I think were going to have to work a little harder at bi-partisanship, obviously the democrats will have to do that as well, clearly who ever is in the majority drives the bus.”

In this General Assembly the republicans are in the super minority, which means they don’t have the numbers to stop any bills being pushed through without help from the other side.

Some of those bills could be the progressive income tax or a hike in gas tax.

“I’m a conservative republican, I like to think I’m bipartisan, but there are some progressive issues that are just none negotiable.”

Bryant’s been able to get bipartisan support before working on issues like K-12 funding reform, Aim High Scholarships and Molly’s Law.

“I hope that we’re all able to work together on things that we can agree on and maybe not concentrate on things that are disagreeable.”

Wednesday is the inauguration for the 101st General Assembly.