Replica Vietnam Vets Wall in Perryville to Host Special Event on March 25

Mar 22, 2018

Work on a replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall continues in Perryville, Missouri.

This weekend, the public has a chance to make its mark in history on the concrete supporting wall before its entombed behind the granite wall.

Project coordinator Mike Lundy says the panels are numbered so visitors can sign in the spot where their loved one's names appear on the official wall.
"You ask one of our volunteers and they can tell you exactly what panel it is and approximately where he should be on the wall. So, you can come and actually be a part of history and leave a memory for a veteran or for whoever you want to leave it for."

Lundy says signatures were not included on the concrete support wall in Washington, D.C. He says this will be unique to the Perryville site.
"This is an expression of appreciation, a permanent marker in this area to honor our veterans. Come over and participate, enjoy, spend some time here. Be a part of history, right something on the wall."

Lundy says the event called Mark of Remembrance is scheduled for Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The wall is located at 1172 Veterans Memorial Parkway in Perryville.

Lundy says the wall's grand opening will likely take place sometime this summer.