Red Cross Announces Campaign to Attract More Blood Donors

Jun 12, 2019

The American Red Cross wants to raise awareness about the need for more blood donations.

The Missing Types Campaign will erase the letters A, B and O - letters representing the main blood groups - from brands, social media pages, signs and websites. It's designed to highlight the role blood donors play in helping patients.

Red Cross spokesperson Joe Zydlo says summer is normally a critical time of the year for blood and this campaign is trying to head that off at the pass.
"Usually, right after the end of the Fourth of July, we get to about July 8th or 9th, that's when we may have an emergency need over the summer."

He says last month, there was a critical shortage of type O blood, which can delay medical procedures.
"When we issue some type of critical need, we usually have anywhere between a 2 and 3-day supply and we like to keep a 5-day supply. So, that tells you what kind of shortage we're at. I think right now we're at about a 2-day supply. That's just not good enough."

Zydlo says the best way to find out about upcoming blood drives is to download the Red Cross blood donor app.
"You can search by zip code. It also reads where you're at, what particular location you're in. So, what it'll do is it'll tell you what's the nearest blood drive closest to you. If you make a blood donation, it also tells you when is the next time you're eligible to donate too."

For a list of area blood drives, click here.