Randy Auxier Announces Candidacy for the Illinois 115th Representative District.

Aug 18, 2020

A long time SIU Professor is running for Illinois' 115th State Representative seat.  Green Party candidate Randy Auxier will be on the November 3rd ballot.

He says since he is not tied to any of the major party's power structure, he will be able to represent the people.  Auxier, who is a member of the SIU Faculty Association, says his number one priority will be creating jobs that pay a living wage.  He also says he wants to see more cooperation among among the various city and county boards.  

He also wants to see the development of a light rail commuter system of transportation, paid for by a small user fee along with funding from public and private partnerships.

On the proposed progressive income tax, while he believes it will not solve all of the region's problems, he says in the long run it will be a benefit, and he will support the progressive income tax.

Auxier joined the Shawnee Green Party in 2000.