Quinn Won't Testify in NRI Probe

Jun 27, 2014

Gov. Pat Quinn says he is not going to testify before the commission examining the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative.

This is the anti-violence program the governor established in 2010 that the auditor general says was mismanaged.

Quinn says he didn't do anything wrong - in fact, he says he did the right thing.
"The moment I learned that it wasn't going in the right direction, I did something about it. I take responsibility, and I repaired the program by abolishing the agency that wasn't doing the job properly - it was abolished - the funding was taken away from that agency and given to one that did a better job."
The Legislative Audit Commission will hear from seven subpoenaed administration officials, some current, some former, next month.

The governor has not been subpoenaed or even invited, but a lawmaker not on the commission says Quinn is the one who could answer all the questions.

Republicans believe the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative was used as a $55 million political slush fund.