Quinn Says Polling Doesn't Worry Him

Aug 12, 2014

Illinois governor Pat Quinn is responding to a recent poll that shows he's lagging in the upcoming election.

The Chicago Sun-Times poll shows Quinn more than a dozen points behind his opponent, Republican Bruce Rauner.

Most politicians would downplay a double-digit deficit in the polls. Governor Pat Quinn seems to embrace it.
The role of the dark horse is a familiar one for him.
"I've been underestimated. I've been an underdog in every race I've been in, and last time around, they said I was out, turned out I won."
The Sun-Times poll shows Rauner with a 13-point lead ahead of the November election. But Quinn's camp says their polling shows a virtual dead heat between the two.

Quinn believes voters will come around as they learn more about his opponent. He has criticized Rauner for not releasing all of his tax returns - and more recently - for his investments in the Cayman Islands.