Quinn Releases Transportation Funds

Oct 14, 2013

Local communities are getting their share of this year's Capital Funding from the state, money which will be used to upgrade roads and bridges all over the region.

Gov. Pat Quinn announces release of local transportation funds.
Credit Jennifer Fuller

Governor Pat Quinn announced the distribution of more than $5 million during a stop in Marion Sunday. He says aside from state projects like the one widening Route 13, there are other transportation needs on a more local level:
"Everybody at the local level makes their own local decisions. They get the money from the state - this is separate from their motor fuel money. This is money for local transportation needs, because we understand that local folks understand their local needs the best."
Money will go to cities, townships, counties and road districts to upgrade roads and bridges. It's a distribution which happens every year as a part of the long-term capital bill.

Governor Quinn says while this money is good, he will be working with lawmakers over the coming year to pass another capital bill - the current one expires next year.