Questions Remain About Clay County Judge's Ruling on Gov. Pritzker's Pandemic Orders

Jul 9, 2020

A southern Illinois lawmaker says it's unclear what a Clay County Circuit Court decision that Governor J-B Pritzker exceeded authority in issuing multiple executive orders related to COVID-19 means for state residents.

It's unclear what effect the court ruling will have. There have been other court decisions around Illinois that sided with Pritzker.

GOP State Representative Patrick Windhorst from Metropolis says any business confused about what to do, should consult an attorney.

"The court was specific in its ruling that the Executive Orders are no longer in effect and it was applied to everyone in the state. Now, I think the legal question is whether a circuit court has the authority to do that uniformally throughout the state. Ultimately, I think what would have to occur is that we would have to go back to the General Assembly and vote on the issues that the governor has used his executive order power to try to dictate to us."

Windhorst says the ruling probably has less of an impact considering the state has entered Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois plan.

"I don't think when I just view things occurring in southern Illinois, there's been a tremendous change with that ruling that we would've expected if had it occurred about two months ago when things were more locked down."

But, he says this is an important ruling for potential legal precedent moving forward.