Pritzker Addresses Central and Southern Illinois Residents Frustration with Stay-at-Home Order

Apr 22, 2020

Credit WSIU / WSIU

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise across the state. 

Some residents in the Central and Southern part of the state are frustrated since some of the "hot spots" are in the northern part of the state.

Governor Pritzker had this to say during the COVID-19 Briefing this afternoon.

"I'm taking into account that there are fewer cases and fewer deaths in those areas. But we are also looking at hospital availablity and other determing factors on how we might think about changes that would be good for people in areas who don't have as much of a spread of COVID-19." Pritzker said. 

The state's current stay-at-home order is in effect until April 30th. But Pritzker has hinted about a possible extension.