Politico Report Says Gov. Rauner is Profiting from Company Doing Business with ICE Detention Centers

Jul 11, 2018

Governor Bruce Rauner profited from a health care firm that works with U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detention centers – according to a recent report from Politico.

Speaking on The 21st Show Tuesday, political correspondent Natasha Korecki says Rauner disclosed earnings from a private equity fund that owns Correct Care Services. The company works with ICE detention centers, including one that houses migrant families.

She says the governor’s conflict of interest is significant given the many groups trying to address the detention of migrant children and families at the US-Mexico border.

“These different groups that are advocating for immigrants and putting a spotlight on some of the conditions they're saying that if you are in public office, you have to make decisions about the direction of policy with regards to immigrants.”

A spokesperson for Rauner told The 21st Show that the governor isn’t involved in day-to-day investment decisions. The spokesperson also says his investments are controlled by quote “blind trust procedures” and comply with Illinois laws.

Rauner has come under fire for his stance on immigration-related issues in the past from both progressives and conservatives