Overdose Training at State Fair

Aug 20, 2018


This year, the Illinois state fair has everything from fried food to overdose training. 

Health Department officials set up at the fair to teach people about naloxone. The drug can be used to treat opioid overdoses, whether they are from illegal drugs like heroin or an overdose of prescription medication. 

"The one thing you want to look for is that somebody would want to look for is that somebody is not breathing," said trainer Joan Stevens-Thome. "That's one major indicator. They would maybe have blue lips, blue fingers."


The drug is given via the nose and takes about 2-3 mintues to work. Anytime naloxone is administered, 911 should also be called.

Anyone can become trained on naloxone and carry it without a prescription. The Health Department particularly encourages caregivers of opioid patients to get trained, as well as those whose loved ones are dealing with addiction.