The Night Circus

Jul 24, 2012

Erin Morgenstern may have been an unknown author just a few years ago, but she's burst onto the literary scene with her first novel, "The Night Circus."

Morgenstern's background in arts and performance gives her a unique perspective in bringing her characters to life. The Night Circus, as she would tell you, is not a traditional "big top" event by any means.

"I never even really thought too hard about it having an audience. I thought it was going to be, maybe, a strange book that if I managed to get it published, that maybe, like, a few people might like but I didn't really know who those people might be." -- Erin Morgenstern.

The story has attracted the attention of readers of all ages, and could be on the big screen sooner rather than later.

Morgenstern took time to talk with WSIU Radio's Jennifer Fuller, for this edition of "In the Author's Voice."