New So. Illinois Lawmaker Preparing for Swearing-In

Jan 7, 2019

It's been two months since Patrick Windhorst won his race to represent the 118th district in the Illinois House.

Since then, the Metropolis republican says he's been busy learning the process ahead of Wednesday's swearing-in ceremony.

"Getting information from staff, speaking with other legislators to get their input and guidance as best I can. Also, working here locally to set up a district office and get things lined out here, that way, come Wednesday, we'll be ready to move forward."

WIndhorst says he has been talking with GOP House members Terri Bryant of Murphysboro and Dave Severin of Benton about working together on what's best for the entire region.
"What's good for Marion is often helpful to Carbondale and Harrisburg and then even parts further south. So, working together to improve or maybe bring industry or business to one part, one district can help the whole region, can help all three of our districts and make southern Illinois more profitable."

Windhorst says his top priority is to work on programs to help reduce the out-migration of people from Illinois. According to the latest Census Bureau data, an estimated 45-thousand residents left the state from 2017 to 2018.

His goals also include property tax reform, term limits, and creating independent district maps.