New Program Helps Shelter Dogs and Inmates

Jun 5, 2018

A local correctional center has implemented a shelter dog obedience therapy training program which gives second chances to shelter dogs and the inmates.

Project Hope in Metropolis is the no-kill shelter providing the dogs to the Shawnee Correctional Center for the program.

Project Hope Manager Katie Parker says the dogs will learn basic obedience training such as, sit, stay, and shake. The dogs trained in this program will be given to veterans at no cost.

While training the dogs, Parker says the inmates gain responsibility and purpose.

She says the program started at the Shawnee Correctional Center when an employee saw Project Hope trying to find a home for one of its animals.

Various correctional centers throughout the state have similar programs including, Vienna Correctional Center, the Logan Correctional Center, and Rockville Women's Correctional Center.