New Law Gives Students More Voices on the SIU Governing Board

Jul 30, 2019

Governor J-B Pritzker has signed a law amending the Southern Illinois University Management Act.

The amendment provides that both student members of the SIU Board of Trustees shall have binding voting rights. Currently, governors must designate one campus representative.

During the signing ceremony on the Edwardsville campus Tuesday, System President Kevin Dorsey said he's excited about this new tradition.
"Giving each of our elected student trustees voting rights, and with that, the ability to fully represent the students who elected them as their voice on the Board as they make important decisions affecting the success of their campuses."

Mackenzie Rogers of SIU-E is currently the designated student trustee. She says this allows them to be more than just a voice for their peers and institutions.
"Voting privileges, including the right to make and second motions and attend executive sessions, will validate our contributions and allow us to make positive changes to ensure forward momentum for each of our campuses and the SIU System as a whole."
After December, the amendment to the SIU Management Act will allow Rogers and SIU-C student trustee Brione Lockett to both have voting privileges.