Murphysboro Cop Honored for Heroism

Sep 3, 2014

A Murphysboro Police Officer is being called a hero, after a fire rescue earlier this week.

Police Chief Brian Hollo says Officer Benjamin Jones arrived on the scene of a fire just after 2:00pm Monday afternoon. Jones was first on the scene, and a resident told him her son was still inside the burning home.

Hollo says Jones kicked in the door of the house, crawled inside, and found the victim in a bedroom. He then dragged the victim out into the front yard.

Hollo commends Jones for acting quickly to save a life - and he says it's not the first time one of Murphysboro's officers has aided in a rescue: Officer Craig Smelter performed CPR on a victim at Lake Murphysboro back in May.

There's no word on the condition of Monday's fire victim. The fire reportedly started in the kitchen on the stove.