Murphysboro Celebrates High School Graduates With A Drive-in Ceremony

May 21, 2020

On Saturday Murphysboro High School will have a drive-in ceremony.

When the Illinois State Board of Education decide to ban all in-person ceremonies, Murphysboro started planning a virtual ceremony.

Then the ISBE reversed its decision -- allowing ceremonies with social distancing.

Superintendent Chris Grode says they changed to a drive-in ceremony.

“The kids will get out, they’ll walk across the stage and then when they all get back in their car, we’re hoping to then move that front row and have them drive around to then become the back row and all the other cars move forward one spot.”

Grode says 14 cars will line up in 10 rows in the high school parking lot, so everyone has a front row seat to see their graduate get their diploma.