Murphysboro and Carbondale Dist. 95 Teachers Take Steps Toward Potential Strike

Sep 11, 2019

Another school district's teachers are taking the first steps towards a strike according to an Illinois Education Association new release.

This is the second year the Murphysboro Education Association has talked about a potential strike.
Last year a contract was agreed on the night before the strike would be authorized.

In the news release, lead negotiator, Catlin Langellier said teachers made concessions in the past. Now the district has a solid financial ground and the association is asking them to make good on their promises she says.

MEA's current contract expired August 12, according to the news release.

While contract negotiations continue between Carbondale District-95 teachers and the school board... the administration is weighting in on the contract talks.

In a letter to the Carbondale Elementary School District community, dated today, the administration outlined it perspective on the current stalemate.   The school says its teachers are among the highest paid in southern Illinois with an average salary of nearly 65-thousand dollars.   The school says the union request for 20 and a half percent pay raise over the next three years would be an undue burden on tax payers and would amount to an additional two-million dollars in salary.  District-95 officials say they have offered teachers a 12-percent increase over those same three years. In the letter, the school says it values its teachers and looks forward to settling a contract.

The school board is also encouraging teachers to consider its proposal when considering a vote on a strike.  

Carbondale middle school administration says its willing to resume negations next week.