Morthland College Officials Say U.S. Dept of Education Had A Hand in School's Closure

May 31, 2018

The founder of a faith-based college in southern Illinois says a lack of cooperation from the U.S. Department of Education contributed to the school's permanent closure.

Morthland College officials announced the institution's closure last week, citing a lack of funding.

The department blocked the school's access to federal student aid through an emergency action last year after an internal review. The school had to spend money upfront and then apply for reimbursement from the federal agency.

Founder Tim Morthland says the college in West Frankfort paid for tuition and expenses but that the department never reimbursed those funds. He says the college is requesting a hearing to stop the emergency action.

A letter from department alleges the university engaged in illegal and improper use of federal student aid money.