Moderation is the Key to Enjoying Holiday Gatherings

Dec 17, 2018

'Tis the season for holiday parties with family and friends and that means lots of food.

The St. Louis District Dairy Council says the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is moderation. The council's Jaelyn Munson says watch your portion sizes.

"When you're at a holiday gathering, make sure you aim for a variety of foods on your plate that are not just sugar-laden foods, but that you are partaking of some whole grain or fiber-rich foods that will help you stay full and help your body absorb sugar a lot slower."

Munson says one way to keep from over-indulging on holiday goodies is to take the focus off food. She says you can do that by starting new traditions such as making wreaths, decorations or gingerbread houses. Or, you can plan a family outing.
"Volunteering at a soup kitchen or going and caroling at a nursing home, playing some fun games or even going on a walking tour of some decorates homes, which adds in physical activity, which is a good component to have as well."