Man on a Cross Country Bike Journey Stops in Carbondale

Jun 4, 2018

A college student - riding across the country to raise money for children facing congenital heart defects - stopped in Carbondale Monday.

John Maus attends Central Michigan University and is on a 43-hundred mile bike tour from Virginia to Oregon.

Maus says he's raising money for the Save A Heart Foundation because he works with someone who lost a child to congenital heart disease.
"This foundation is a worthy cause, helping kids who have these developmental issues to be able to live. That's why I chose this foundation."

Maus says the greatest part about the trip so far is the people he is meeting along the trail.
"It's like every day I meet people who just want to help. They just want to give me water, food or put me up somewhere or do whatever they can, donate."

Maus left Virginia on May 13th and plans to arrive in Oregon by August 14th.

He hopes to raise around 43-thousand dollars for Mott Children's Hospital at the University of Michigan.

To donate, visit the Facebook page Ride for Life 2018.