Mahony Recommends Austin Lane for SIUC Chancellor

May 27, 2020

Credit Southern Illinois University

SIU's Board of Trustees will meet in special session this week to consider President Dan Mahony's choice for a new SIU Carbondale Chancellor.

Mahony says Austin Lane will be the next SIUC CEO. He says Lane meets the needs for the campus.

"He's done a very good job with enrollment management, with budget management, with strategic planning - setting a clear plan and following through on the plan, very organized, a good fund raiser, very good with outreach to the local community."

Lane's appointment is subject to approval from SIU's Board of Trustees - which will meet in special session on Friday.

Lane's past includes controversy - he was let go from Texas Southern University earlier this year - but Mahony and other SIU leaders say they've fully vetted their choice, and are confident he's the right person for the job.

"He has a lot of support on his campus, from both alumni, faculty, and students, and we're just excited to have this individual come to Carbondale," Board Chair Phil Gilbert said.

Mahony says members of the search committee joined him in vetting Lane, including the controversy at TSU. He says what he heard speaks volumes for Lane's leadership.

"Well over 100 people actually contacted us from Texas Southern and said, basically, 'You should hire him.' That he's a wonderful leader, works well with faculty, works well with students, cares about students and student success."

If Trustees approve him on Friday, Lane will become SIUC's first African American Chancellor. Search Committee Chair Marc Morris says the committee sought a broad pool of applicants - and narrowing the field was difficult.

"It was not lost upon us that two of the three candiddates were from an underrepresented population, with respect to positions like this, it wasn't lost on us. We were very enthusiastic and pleased about that."

"At the end of the day, he was the best choice. But, I thin it's significant that it's the first African American chancellor, and we're really pleased with that, as well."

Lane's four-year contract sets his pay at $340,000 annually. The Board of Trustees meets Friday at 10:00am.