LSSI Announced Major Cuts Due To Budget Impasse

Jan 22, 2016

Illinois' largest provider of social services Friday announced that the budget stalemate will force it to close programs and let go more than 40 percent of its staff.

Lutheran Social Services of Illinois took out a line of credit.  Dipped into its reserves.

But seven months without money from the state has taken its toll.

The agency announced that it is eliminating 750 positions. Closing 30 programs. And therefore cutting off services to nearly 5,000 people.

The cuts cover the state and touch everything from home care for seniors to drug rehab to counseling services.

Though the state remains without a budget deal, lawmakers and the governor have come through with last-minute cash to pay for road salt, 911 call centers, and Lottery winnings.

But local health centers, grants for low-income college students, and social services -- like those the state contracts with Lutheran Social Services of Illinois, to provide -- haven't been rescued.