Local Workplace Wellness Program Receives Financial Boost

Feb 13, 2014

A worksite wellness program in southern Illinois is receiving a financial boost.

The Delta Regional Authority is awarding the SIU School of Medicine's Center for Rural Health and Social Service Development a $187,500 grant to combat chronic disease in the 16 southernmost counties. Jackson County Health Department administrator Miriam Link-Mullison says this grant will complement the work that's been ongoing for almost 20 years. Link-Mullison says the DRA grant will help health officials establish tool kits for businesses to create their own wellness programs.

Egyptian Health Department CEO Angie Hampton says they got their cue on how to help adult live healthier lives after working with young people in area schools. She says the work place is a great place to talk to adults about their health.
Currently 28 employers at over 100 work sites in southern Illinois are participating in the wellness program.